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velashleyraptor's Journal

23 April 1988
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^ that little guy is quite often yellow.

The local pond aches for a reflection to divert the attention from the algae living, thriving on the UV rays thrown from the sun the big ball of gas in the sky that makes you squint when it creeps itself into your peripheral vision and you need those special glasses but you left them at home on your desk next to your undone homework that you said you'd get back to, but never did because you procrastinate like you did that time I said I loved you but only meant it in a friendly kind of way and you looked for an excuse not to say it back because it makes you feel uncomfortable like that blanket that rests on your bed anticipating for someone to feel warmth under in cold weather like it has been recently but it gets forgotten and eventually thrown into a pile on the corner of your bedroom floor where it will start to decay because everything decays after a while of inactivity only there's no screensaver like on your computer that you sit in front of day after day doing nothing and hoping the phone will ring but it doesn't and you get used to it after a while which brings back memories of the times you used to go outside and sit by the water with your feet poking the surface and making faces in the ripples and laying by it until the rain comes and washes you back indoors when it gets hard enough but you like the sprinkles that the clouds precipitate and you like the feel of them collecting on your tongue as well as the insides of other people's mouths and when people peek at you while you're doing it you pretend to want them to go away but you like the attention like you did when you were little and cried when no one looked at you and then they would pick you up and you would be satisfied watching so many eyes peering in your direction from over your mother's shoulder but now your relationship with her is as good as those bad lies you tell and you find yourself wrapped in your own tears curled into a ball on your bed and you take a walk to get away from it all and end up at that same exact pond and see the overgrowth on the surface and wonder where it all went wrong.

"she'll be____when she comes", animals breathing, anything but creeps, baby-free zones, calmly informing people, catching and training pokemon, chapstick(cause lips get chapped), chillin at night, concave decagons, dunkin donuts dumpster diving, eccentric eighties, edward sporkfingers, emo(which is not linkinpark), everything counterculture, face face face, fighting moms, fireworks!(and other exploding fairies), fooling people on acid, fridays and other holidays, getting face for sure, gutteral grunts, hairy platypus women, hand-holding cars, hanging out wangs optional, high fiving and failing, hugs at sad times, internet time-passing questionnaires, loitering of course, making little-to-no sence, no babies!!!, not spending much money, pen pen the penguin, poppin a squat anywhere, ragfights in the kitchen, really dumb stupid shit, scars from street signs, sexual "indecision", spastic indie rock, super ultra bad puns, synthesizers!!, teasy kisses, ten cent things, that'i'm not naked'feeling, the 'huh' game, the interchainlinkfence, the three internets, university of ass-kicking (uoa), whole strawberries in jellies